Mitt Jag

”…white sounded like the pause in a harmonious melody.”

With the series “Mitt Jag”, I hope to communicate and express the complex content of my subconscious in a mediated way with a variety of perspectives while constantly balancing nature and subject. When observing the images solely on a descriptive level, the images present themselves as natural landscapes in which we see an abstract floating sculpture in mid-air. Within the frame there is no intention of documentary or randomness, everything is planned and put together with extreme diligence. Yet the sense of fortuity is there, within the relationship of the nature and the object.

I used an abstract object in order to transform my thoughts, my language and therefore my subconscious into a visual shape, a shape that could capture the public’s imagination. For me abstract art does not portray objects, a being or a place in the natural world; it instead uses shape and color in a non-representational way, yet it still stands for something. I think it is about finding the way of lines and color to flow together harmoniously almost lyrically into a poetic shape. To me, abstract artistic contents are based on the experience in one’s mind. It is an inner feeling, the inner nature that forms abstract art. Therefore I wanted to create an abstract shape to represent my subconscious. This abstract shape also allows the viewers to interpret the artwork according to their own subconscious.

It took me a long time to figure out my own personal way of shaping this sculpture, a long time to discover the absolute form that would conjure my own subconscious. Through this sculpture I wanted to express the sense of being lost in space, unable to find one’s way, bewildered and confused while having the urge towards survival and growth, which is both fundamental to humans and to the landscape for which we stand. Even though the abstractness is high within my sculpture, I find, the sense of the human figure still present. It is a metaphorical reference of a human composition within a harmonious space.

While the shape of the sculpture represents one facet of meaning, the color white represents another. I wanted the color to represent the hope of finding one’s way, the light on a journey to the unknown. Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky believed that colors provoke emotions. He once said that “…white seemed silent but full of possibilities.” He also assigned instrument tones to go with each color, where “…white sounded like the pause in a harmonious melody.”

Although in the end there is a story told, it is not about narrative art. It is merely showing a journey, my journey of my subconscious. The idea of representing a subconscious, the thought of trying to give shape to a non-physical idea is difficult, yet I believe it is captured throughout my images.

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